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The Fluff Launch - What's a good word for Aftermath?

Either last week’s blog is incredibly late or this week’s blog is incredibly early.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide.  I’ve got other things to try and worry about.  Like, for example, where to begin?  Seriously, where do you start something like this?  Last Thursday, in a little pub near the ring roads of Birmingham, I got on a stage in front of friends and family and launched my second horror novel.  Which is not to say I threw a book at my friends at family.  Well, not physically anyway.

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The Fluff Launch - The Teaser Trailer

A great big hello hug to you from all of us here at The Blank Page Marketing Department!  
   As you’ll probably remember, we contacted you last month about organising some sort of trailer for your upcoming book launch.  We sent you an email, a letter and a singing telegram.  So far, we can’t help but notice we’ve not heard back from you yet.  We were really looking forward to a sung reply.

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