Long Words

welcome to long words

From small acorns, mighty empires grow.

Or something like that.  I’ve never really been much of a gardener.  I’m more of a storyteller.  So, while I’m not big on acorn evolution, I have written a horror story about a locked box that’s found under a man’s house which contains a gargoyle.  That story has a garden in it along, with all manner of terrors and some death.

Welcome to Long Words!  

This is the website and internet hiding place of me, Christopher Long.  Nice to meet you.  I write ghost stories, assorted horror and even some dark fantasy.  On here you can find links to my books, along with my blog, some poetry and other interesting oddities and curiosities.

So, make yourself a drink of your choice, bring some snacks and pull up a chair.  You’re more than welcome to stay a while.  Hell, I practically insist on it.