I’ve been incredibly honoured to have my stories featured on some absolutely brilliant and terrifying horror podcasts. So why not follow the links below and let a little the horror creep down your ear canals?


The Wicked library - tHE RAGS ON HIS BACK

A homeless man relates his tale of the time he found kindness from a family of strangers, kindness that terrified him.

the wicked library - tricks and treats volume 1

As part of our Halloween celebration this year, we bring you a special episode of Wicked flash fiction written by 15 authors, and told by Your Librarian and a talented cast of voice actors



shadows at the door - winter wings

In 'Winter Wings', an unscrupulous collector finds a rare and mysterious board game. Once he finally gets his hands on it, his luck begins to turn sour and he begins to notice the ever present caw of crows behind him…

the wicked library - the man in number 23

Who knows what your neighbours are really up to behind closed doors? One man learns the horrible truth that his neighbour has seen . . . and comes to learn that terror is not limited to under the sea. It is far, far closer than you could ever imagine.


the wicked library - talking wicked

This week on Talking Wicked, Christopher Long visits the Library to talk about last week's story Episode 902:  "The Man in Number 23". We also discuss his novel Fluff, how ideas for horror stories come to us, the writing process, Quentin Tarantino cameos, and how inscribing a book with your actual signature might be a bad idea.


Patrick is at the end of his life and has something very important to take care of before he draws his final breath. He seeks out his old friend, Victoria, to take her up an a promise made long ago. Enter Abigail who is connected to both of them in a very special way.

The Wicked library - A Wicked Halloween Anthology - Live

3 Terrifying Tales recorded LIVE at the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville, GA as part of Explore Gwinnette's #Artober Festival! To watch the paintings being made head to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0bitdFlhTEZeGf7Fv8a5PQ/videos.