I know some very talented people and I would like you to know them too.  

Since I first dipped a nervous toe into the deep, dark waters of releasing self published stories onto the Kindle and then advertising them on Twitter, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some truly brilliant people.  Publishers, writers, artists, editors.  People who are very much my kind of crazy.  I even know a few outside of social media as well, in actual society.  Which is why I’m going to ask them all very nicely if I can ask them some questions and put their answers up here for you, so you can see how great they are.  I’m sure we’ll also get them to mention for their own work, so you can go and check it out too.  Trust me, you’re going to want to after you’ve met them.


interview with graeme parker

When it came to trying to pick the first victim for my new interview page, the process didn’t take long.  You see, I know a lot of writers, but only one of them has helped me to become a published author.

interview with mark nixon

For anyone with more than a passing interest in British Indie Horror, I'm sure you'll already know the name Mark Nixon by now.  A few years ago, Mark wrote a ghost story and wasn't entirely sure what to do with it or where to send it.  So, to share it with the world, he created the website Shadows at the Door.

sarah e smith photo.jpg

interview with sarah e smith

I'm one of those people who struggles to multi-task.  Especially when it comes to juggling my writing with my actual, real world life.  There are, however, people who are incredibly good at doing just that.  They manage to balance a complicated and taxing working life with a highly productive and successful writing career.  One such person is the brilliant Sarah E. Smith.

interview with leesa wallace

When it came to editing, I had always thought that was something between me and my delete key.  However, all that changed once I was signed by Kensington Gore Publishing.  One half the team then running the company was to be my editor.  I was a little apprehensive at first, until I really understood just what an editor could do for a story.  

The editor in question was Leesa Wallace.

interview with caitlin marceau & m regan

There are days when I slightly lose my faith in horror.  It’s rare, but it can happen.  It’s normally after someone lectures me about the wonders of the Saw franchise or tries to tell me the later Hellraiser movies put the originals to shame.  When I go through one of these moments, I am always thankful that I know some truly talented horror writers.

interview with k.b. goddard

I first became aware of K.B. Goddard through Shadows at the Door and Twitter.  Intrigued by her ghoulish combination of insightful characters, graceful prose and old fashioned ghost story scares, I was soon hooked on her writing.  Last month I was fortunate enough to be allowed an early preview of her new novella ‘The Girl with The Roses’.  When I offered to post a review, I also asked if I could send a few questions her way as well.  Thankfully, she had the time to answer them.