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A Return Visit

I only book a stay at The Overlook Hotel occasionally.  Every visit always leaves me with a different souvenir.  I go in with pieces of the mystery set firmly in my head, ready to help me decrypt what I’m seeing.  The native American mythology.  The reference to The Donner Party.  The many, many other theories the truly mind-bending documentary Room 237 has implanted into my thinking.  Regardless of those intentions, by the time I get to the end I’m always too unnerved to think past the overwhelming sense of escape.

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The King

Growing up in the 80s, there was really no avoiding Stephen King.  My parents never read horror, but his stories were everywhere.  They were discussed on TV, they were whispered about on the playground.  Carrie was already a palpable hit for both him and De Palma.  The likes of Christine, Cujo and Firestarter were infamous.  As was Thinner, sneakily written under that tissue paper thin alias he occasionally ducked behind.  The Shinning was dividing people between preferring the book and the movie; an early precursor to so many comic book movie arguments that were waiting for us in the 21st century.  As I grew up the names of his stories became the stuff of legend.  Pet Cemetery, It, The Stand, Salem’s Lot.

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