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A Return Visit

I only book a stay at The Overlook Hotel occasionally.  Every visit always leaves me with a different souvenir.  I go in with pieces of the mystery set firmly in my head, ready to help me decrypt what I’m seeing.  The native American mythology.  The reference to The Donner Party.  The many, many other theories the truly mind-bending documentary Room 237 has implanted into my thinking.  Regardless of those intentions, by the time I get to the end I’m always too unnerved to think past the overwhelming sense of escape.

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With apologies to Mrs Bailey

No matter who you are, the odds are pretty good that a teacher left a mark on you.  Of course, for my parents’ generation that could mean something very different.  Their teachers didn’t just use chalk and blackboards to educate them.  Oh no, they employed some very different instruments.
   Not that we’re here to discuss the failings of our parents’ teachers.  Nope, we’re here to talk about a few things, which would really annoy one of my old teachers.  She certainly left a mark on me.

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Those old familiar faces

Our language gives us the capacity to bottle pure lightning in words.  There are people who will tell you this is the final act of magic our modern world will allow.  They’re words that were created to allow us to express terror or wonder.  They are words that feel like they’re carved from the foundations of the world under our feet.  Words like genius or awe.  Words like love and spirit.  Words like monster. 

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