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Shelf Help

There’s magic in a bookshop.  A palpable, near hypnotic, almost blissful sense of wonder.  Which can, if I let my guard down, led to me leaving with a pile of books and my wife pointing out the restricting mathematics of shelf space.  I suppose it’s fair to say it primarily exists in the second-hand variety of the bookshop.  First hand bookshops are very nice, don’t get me wrong.  All those uncracked spines.  All that shiny furniture.  The sale tables grouping together all the books that're now the cornerstones for TV shows or movies.  The recognisable brand coffee shops with free wi-fi and the illusion that their chairs might be comfortable.  Still, there’s something antiseptic about those places.  Something clinical, in a private healthcare sort of way.  

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The Denmark Rot

   A few weeks ago, on Easter Sunday, we were flicking around and passed a rather intense looking programme.  It was clearly a drama, being performed on a stage and in front of an audience.  A well dressed, well behaved audience at that.  I recognised a couple of faces in the cast and was relatively intrigued until I spotted a grave digger and heard the name Horatio.
   “Alas…” said the TV.
   “Oh, not again.” I said as I quickly hopped to another channel.

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 For the record, I’ve been struggling to express this idea since it hit me.  This felt like a good place to thrash it out.  Show my workings.  I think that, whilst sometimes we will buy what we need, there is a more interesting relationship between us and buying what we want.  I think, in some cases, what we’re actually chasing after is already in our head.  

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