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Here comes the Fluff

This is it, people.  This is not a drill.  The second novel is out.  Which is crazy.  I’ve managed to write another one.  Three decades on this planet, two novels published.  That’s not bad when you consider the whole first decade and some of the second was spent primarily being forced to learn things in various classrooms.  
   “So, where did this new novel come from,” I hear you ask.  “And what’s with the pink rabbit?”
   I guess it’s time I properly introduced you to Fluff.

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Hyper Bowl

Expectation is a tricky thing.  We generate it ourselves, but we don’t have a lot of control over it.  We merely light the fuse.  Our subconscious does the rest.  It fans the flames and spreads the fire.  It makes us crave what lies ahead.  Before we know it, we’ve taken something we’re interested in and turned it into something so much bigger.  Something that feels bizarrely pivotal to our happiness.  Sadly, this process doesn’t always work out well for us or the thing we’re waiting for.

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RE Writing

Time has been misbehaving this year.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I’ve certainly noticed it’s been toying with me, especially since the beginning of March.  I had gone into Christmas last year feeling quietly confident about the draft of the novel I’d been working on for all of 2016.  It felt like it was meant to be something special.  A novel that was about something worthwhile.  Social commentary was new to me, but I was giving it a go.  I just needed to hack the first draft into a tighter version of itself.  Hone the edges, kick the tires.  It felt like it was going to be pretty simple.

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Not a blog exactly

       This is not going to be a blog.  Not as such.  For which I apologise.  I always like to try and serve up a decent sized portion of my brain to you each week.  However, this week, I don’t have it in me.  It has been a truly strange week.  My gran died and it has left me feeling totally and utterly devastated.  Since then, I’ve been living in slow motion world, surrounded by small talk and sulking away for quiet moments.  I’ve been feeling numb and it turns out numb is no way to write.  You would think writing would offer some escape, but first you need to get past the fog in your head and I’m not there yet.

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Flow Chart

What I’m trying to say is that a really productive writing session hinges on a particularly mercurial lynch pin.  It depends on finding that certain kind of flow that comes from precisely not focusing on anything in particular.  Instead, you allow yourself to be swept up in your own story.  You’re trying to reach a moment where it’s no longer clear who’s steering: you or the story.  

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Pro Motion

 I think I just spent too many years of my life assuming writing would be the solution to all my problems.  I never realised back then how much of writing would be about other things.  Selling myself being one of them.  I never saw that coming as a kid.  I just wanted to write.  It felt like a clean and uncomplicated way to live.  Writing seemed a way to keep away from the world, whilst engaging in it.  I could hide in a pretty decent house, send my stories off for people to read and pretend that everything was A-Okay.  Boy, was I wrong.  

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Call me (socially) irresponsible

 So, why did I bring this up here, beyond the act of public confession?  Well, I’ve come to realise that the thing which made this story hard to let go wasn’t all the work I’d put into it or even the other ideas I’d let slide to focus on it.  No, this was story was hard to put down because I was finally trying to say something about society.  Which feels incredibly important right now.

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