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Peripheral Beasts

We take in so much information on a daily basis. It makes sense that certain things will just slide past our attention after we’ve seen them enough times. Building sites, shops, queues at bus stops. They’re in our world every single day. They become white noise, background details. Scenery. I had a moment yesterday when I noticed something on my wife’s desk at work that I had completely been looking through for months. Don’t worry, it wasn’t divorce paperwork.

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Tales of The Macabre and The Supernatural: A Review

It’s been a while since we were been treated to a new K.B. Goddard publication. Her last novella, the chillingly atmospheric ‘The Girl with the Roses’ came out back in 2017. Thankfully, it’s not been a complete drought for fans of her work. Since 2017, she’s gone onto become an award winning horror writer with stories popping up to terrify you on both The Wicked Library and The Lift podcasts. As well having a story featured in the first Lift anthology. Now, though, she’s managed to find the time to gather some more tales to haunt the e reader of your choice.

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Normal Service

Sit down.  The show’s about to start.
   What’s that?  How am I? 
   We probably don’t have time for that.  I’m still rewriting the new novel.  Taking it apart.  Clearing out the problems and the pretentious ideas.  Rebuilding it into something that will hopefully attract more readers and sell better. 
   I mean, you’ve got to get your kicks somewhere, right? 

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