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I’ve never been what you’d call an animal person.  I suppose it’s partly because I don’t cope well when things die.  I struggled when Sam’s tropical fish floated to the top of the tank.  I think it also comes from the fact that I didn’t grow up with animals around me.  Thanks to two thirds of my childhood home having allergy issues, my parents never bought a pet.  So I grew up without a puppy, kitten or baby gecko to call my own.
   Since living under my own roof, any thought I’ve ever had about owning an animal has been crushed by realising just how much hard work that lies wrapped up in the relationship.  Let alone the fact that living in a street where everyone apart from you owns a cat really puts you off owning one yourself.  

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If it pleases the court

Today we're going to talk about basketball.  I know, I know.  The fat, white horror writer fast approaching his 40s is going to try and talk about sport.  Not just any sport.  Basketball.  The fast paced, money spinning game that has millions of people all over the world shouting at their TVs over the squeaking sound of trainers on wood.  

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