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Restoration Man

    Back then, I’d only just started writing and self-publishing horror stories.  I’d finished a few: The Low Road, The Narrow Doors and The Compressionist, but I was still finding my feet.  At first, I didn’t even think about trying to make a story out of my nightmare.  If I’m being honest, I just wanted it out of my brain.
     It was only after a shower and a mug of coffee, that I realised I had to try and do something with it.  I was trying to be a horror writer.  It would be a shame to waste the fear jangling through my system.  So, instead of distracting myself, I sat down and began to work with it.

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Judging Dread

There was a definite menace in the silence that followed.  I don’t think I heard a front door close, which makes me wonder if I heard anything at all.  Still, that silence pressed down on me.  It wouldn’t let me close my eyes.  I wasn’t scared.  I wasn’t fearing for my own safety.  My sleep, maybe; but not my safety.  I lay there and waited for a violent encore.  Raised voices.  Doors slamming shut.  Glass smashing.  Or, worse, laughter.

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