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Little Grey Sells

I’m not what you’d label as faithful.  I loaded myself up with a heavy dose of cynicism as a kid and it stops me from comfortably believing most commonly accepted miracles.  Although there are some things in this world that can catch me off guard.  Things that appeared to have reached in from beyond the beige walls of our rather ready salted existence.  Great inventions.  Scientific breakthroughs.  Moments of hope or moments of true charity.  Great works of art or music that can grab you by the soul.

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Eggs, Needles and Death

Whenever I see a little, brightly coloured egg hidden almost out of sight in a park or garden so a kid can find it, I begin to wonder what sort of bird lays an egg like that.  Or what comes out of it.  Never mind picturing the bewitching cuckoo beast that leaves trails of unborn young out in the world, for children to follow.  Possibly into the woods.  Nothing good ever comes from going into The Woods.  It’s the same as The Moors, The Cave or That Old Hospital. 

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