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Differences. Creative Differences.

Oh, Danny Boyle.  The press, the press are calling.  
   Yep, there’s no way that hasn’t already been written online at least a thousand times.  To be honest, if I had his number, I’d be calling.  Or maybe I’d be better calling the good folks at Eon Productions.  Just to find out what happened.  I want to know exactly why they parted ways with such an established and interesting director.

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Broadening the Mind

From past experience, I know that elements of the past few days are going to creep into my writing over time.  It’s happened before.  The section in Something Needs Bleeding called The Blind Walls came from a trip to Austria, where I ended up getting out the lift on the wrong floor and not realising until I turned a corner that wasn’t on my own floor.  A trip to Bury St Edmunds became The Wooden Walls and a Monday night spent in a chain hotel in Bristol became the inspiration for the first section of The Righteous Judges.

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