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Player 2 Has Left the Game

There are some people in the world of cinema whose name becomes synonymous with what they do.  You can spot them quite easily.  They normally get the word ‘esque’ stuck on the end of their name to tell you another director has tried to respectably rip them off.  It’s a sign that their talent has sewn them into the fabric of the cultural landscape.  Steven Spielberg is very much one of those people.  Although, unlike so many other directors who share that honour with him, he’s transcend the need to be seen as connected to only one genre or style of film.  When it comes to Tarantino, Hitchcock, Fellini, Lean or Kubrick, you know roughly where the movie is going to take you.  Whereas Spielberg feels more of an iconoclast than the rest of them.  Or, at the very least, he appears to have a few extra clubs in his bag.  

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The Fair Folk

I don’t know about you, but I think there are two kinds of people in the world when it comes to music.  Never mind which genre you chose to set up your base camp.  Never mind what you’re currently listening to or what you truly detest.  The way I see it, you either grew up listening to the same music as your parents or you immediately turned your nose up at it.  In some cases, you might keep the same taste as your parents.  In other cases, you might rebel against it as soon as your friends snigger at the music they find lying around in your bedroom.

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