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Who's Who 14: The Immaculate Carousel (An Introduction)

No two men were more fascinating in the world of model fairground construction than Nigel Fairfax and Jacob T Kilburn. Not that you need me to tell you that. We live in different times now. Fairfax, Kilburn and the whole Tempo Generation are no longer the controversial figures they once were. We have come through far more interesting times since then. Times they held open the small, to scale door open for; waving them all through to a better future.

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Who's Who 3: The Burden

The reason he gave was truly bizarre. The fact he tied it back to my grandfather only baffled me more.

“You remember your granny’s funeral,” he’d said. “The priest putting his arm on your granddad’s shoulder. Your granddad screaming so hard all the birds flew out the trees.”

“Sure,” I told him. “I remember.”

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