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Who's Who 7: Keepsake

He wasn’t paying attention. He’d just flicked the TV on as he’d sat down. A bit of noise to fill up the empty room. Christmas certainly wasn’t doing the job. It was stillborn this year. He’d tried his best to put the tree up, but the branches weren’t spread as nicely as they normal and the lights were a mess. It didn’t help that he had no idea where anything else went, so he’d left all the other decorations in their tired, old cardboard box. Although it wasn’t the fault of the season that the house seemed hollow. It’d felt this way since she’d died.

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The Girl with The Roses: A Review

K.B. Goddard has a new novella coming out and I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview before its released.  ‘The Girl with The Roses’ is a genuinely unnerving and atmospheric horror novella.  The story begins in the sales room of Thornhill and Swift, where items with an unusual and unique past are sold to the highest bidder.  It’s there we find a statue of a young girl holding a bouquet of roses.  As with all the items that are sold there, this statue has a story to tell.

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