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If They're Out to Get You

We live in an age of fast acting paranoia.  Horrendous car crashes become intricate webs in which to snare a woman who was once married the heir to the throne.  Lone gunman become the front for a speakeasy of unhappy assassins.  Every mention of certain names or countries on the news can cause us all tense, as the Doomsday Clock ticks over our shoulder.  Our dreams are tinted with nostalgia.  Our nightmares are shaded in paranoid gloom.  A gloom that can be trigger by the littlest of triggers.

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Mirror Mirror 3: Someone to watch over you

Hi, everyone.  As you know, here at The Blank Page, we like to try and keep our offerings to a fairly high standard.  Sadly, Chris had a bit of a bad day yesterday.  So we thought it was time to look out into the multiverse again and see if we couldn’t find another Christopher Long who would talk to us.  We’ve managed to get hold of Christopher from Universe 846 A U D Gamma.  He was happy to answer a few questions for your entertainment today.

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