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How Little He Knows for Sure

 Last week the rewrite behaved itself.  Motivation was up.  Momentum was on my side.  Things went well.  This week, almost predictably, not so much.  The rewrite has turned on me.  Causing the Unwelcome Catholic in my head to say that’s what I get for feeling good about myself.  It’s been a week of steeper slopes and stupid problems.  
   So long motivation and momentum.  Hello, frustration, my old friend.

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An Interesting Scar

Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Here it is, hot off the press (depending on when you're reading this).  This is the second ever story sketch on The Blank Page.  Instead of a long and rambling blog, Long Words proudly presents a short piece of strange fiction for your delectation.  We hope you enjoy it.  If only because there will be more.

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There’s about to be a change on The Blank Page.  Don’t worry, it’s nothing major.  I’m not about to start blogging only in Wingdings or turn this whole thing into a either raging diatribe on why I should run the world or why old Thomas the Tank Engine will always be superior to its modern incarnation.  Although, for the record, I think I’d make a pretty good world leader.  But don’t we all, right?

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